Tea Tonic Organic Blends

$5.00 GST

Thirst Quencher (GF, LF)
Naturally sweet and hydrating. Hibiscus, moringa leaves, natural flavour, monk fruit and calendula.

Tea Party (GF, LF)
Calcium and iron rich, smooth rooibos and rose petal tea.

Apple Tree (GF)
Loaded with antioxidants and apple pieces “An apple a day…”.

Blue Magic Tea (GF, LF)
This floral turkish delight will boost the lustre of your hair, skin and eyes while delighting your sights with a gorgeous natural blue from the butterfly pea flower. Adding floral notes with rose petals and chamomile.

Relaxation Tea (GF)
Calming the mind and body day or night with lemongrass, passionflower, lemon balm, skull cap and lavender.