Asian Bowl (GF, WF)
$19.90$25.90 GST
Great for hormone balance: miso pumpkin, phytoestrogen rich teriyaki tofu, mixed turmeric quinoa, edamame, fresh cabbage, carrot and rocket salad in asian dressing, radish pickle, black sesame seeds and wasabi…
$5.20$5.80 GST
All our Lattes are made on Bonsoy or Alternative Milk Co. Optional MilkLab almond or MilkLab coconut milks are also available.
Decadent Funky Monkey
$11.90$14.90 GST
Yummy protein & magnesium drink made with banana, cocoa powder, peanut butter, vanilla, maple syrup, salt, cacao syrup, peanut and dark chocolate sprinkles.
Falafel Bowl (GF, NF, WF)
$19.90$25.90 GST
Oven baked falafel, mixed turmeric quinoa, kale and broccoli soaked in Hunter Valley organic extra virgin olive oil, fresh red cabbage and carrot salad, dried cranberries, tahini lemon dressing and…
Iced Chai Latte
$6.00$9.00 GST
This brewed, organic, honey-soaked rooibos chai, boosts immunity and reduces inflammation. Served with plant milk, ice and date syrup.