Our Story

The Food Farmacy opened its first ‘Wellness Hub’ at the Atune Health Centre in 2021 but its story began long before that in the heart of visionary Camila Skaf–a Brazilian plant-based chef with Japanese, Polish, Spanish and Italian ancestry. Camila’s life and career completely changed in 2016 when she and her husband Joseph moved to Australia to pursue the dream of restoring people’s lives through a whole-person-health approach. Her strategy uses simple, evidence-based models such as inviting people to cook and eat together while learning about benefits of foods to health, going on walks to the beach, experiencing the radiance of sunlight, fresh air and social connection, and sharing life as a divine journey that exercises faith and love for self and for others.

Being part of the Atune community is part of our mission to educate, connect and transform individuals towards optimal health.

We value our environment and respect our farmers by creating seasonal and functional meals according to the most fresh and chemical-free ingredients available.

From the signature wellness bowls to the energising and chemical-free hot and cold healing drinks, our goal is to provide an amazing sensorial experience that heals body, mind, and soul.

We welcome you to our wellness journey!