Asian Bowl (GF, WF)
$19.90$25.90 GST
Great for hormone balance: miso pumpkin, phytoestrogen rich teriyaki tofu, mixed turmeric quinoa, edamame, fresh cabbage, carrot and rocket salad in asian dressing, radish pickle, black sesame seeds and wasabi…
Blueberry Sunrise
$11.90$14.90 GST
This antioxidant fibre rich smoothie consists of plant milk, frozen banana, blueberries, rolled oats, vanilla, cinnamon and maple syrup.
Energy Bowl (WF)
$16.90$22.90 GST
Boost your energy anytime of the day with our 100% pure Açai creamy blend, naturally sweetened with banana and berries and topped with our home-made granola, seasonal fruits, coconut flakes…
Falafel Bowl (GF, NF, WF)
$19.90$25.90 GST
Oven baked falafel, mixed turmeric quinoa, kale and broccoli soaked in Hunter Valley organic extra virgin olive oil, fresh red cabbage and carrot salad, dried cranberries, tahini lemon dressing and…